• Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss causes communication breakdown that impacts quality of life.

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  • Hearing Aids

    Do I need hearing aids?

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  • Tinnitus

    You don’t have to live with ringing in your ears.

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    You Want the Best Sound…We Will Help You Find Your Sound.

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    Is your voice healthy?

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December, Communication & Hearing Health

It is finally December – the last act of the 12-part play before we take a curtain call and move forward to the next production. In other words, it’s our last opportunity to piece together everything we want from the year that’s about to end. But what is it that we want most? Hint: it Continue Reading

The Sound of the Shofar

One of the most beautiful sounds of the season and of the Rosh Hashanah holiday: the sounding of the shofar.  Shofars are most typically the horns of domestic rams from the Greater Kudu of eastern and southern Africa. There are four sounds, performed in succession:    1 long sound 3 broken notes At least 8 Continue Reading