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Sounds of a Fall Family Day: What Do You Hear?


He turns the burner on to heat up the water for tea. Apple Cinnamon, perfect for the season.

The kettle whistles, signaling that the water is ready.

A lower pitched sustained splash as the water is poured into the tall travel mug.

Then…a low pitched suction – and “pop!” The top of the travel mug, placed securely on.

“Thump…thump..thump…thump”. He walks outside, his steps taken with confidence and urgency to start a busy day.

“Click…click…click…click”. A high pitched mark for each of her high heeled steps, rushed a bit to compensate for her usual delay.

Lower pitched: “Pop…slide…click”. She pushes the baby seat into the runner attached to the backseat of the car.

The little one starts to sob. The sudden increased rate and shallowed breathing were audible.

She coos to her baby as she gingerly places her in the baby seat and clicks the seat belt in place.


She closes the car door to the back seat and turns to get in the front seat of the car.

The wind picks up in a mid-frequency howl and blows her skirt up as she gets into the car.

“EEeek!!” She lets out a high pitched screech as she fixes herself, “it’s getting windy!”

She slams the car door behind her, all her bags rustling at her feet – sounding like high pitched noise – and she adjusts herself in the seat.

“Don’t you want to put those bags in the back seat?” He says to her, “they’re making a lot of noise.”

The seat creaks as she turns around, dropping the bags to the floor with a “pop.”

A soft low pitched hum gets louder as he turns up the heated fan in the car.

A loud click sounded as he shifted the car in gear.

From the car, one could see the branches of the trees move, but could no longer hear the wind.

The engine rumbled as they drive on, then gradually hums softer as the car pulls up. The baby laughs from the backseat.

A loud click as the car is shifted into “park.” The high pitched release of the safety belts, heard in stereo as both adults rush to unbuckle themselves and jump out of the car.

She turns to the back car door.

A mid pitched “shift” as she lifts the handle.

The baby laughs with the high pitched release of the her safety belt. THe baby is lifted out of the car seat.

The softest, almost imperceptible thump as the baby steadies herself on the grass.

“Look at all the colors!” He said.

The baby looks at her dad, then looks over at the grass to all the leaves piled up.

Reds, Oranges, Yellows…hundreds of leaves in unkempt piles on the grass.


The baby walks over to the piles. Unsteady. Trying. The sounds of her steps lets her parents know when she needs support.

The leaves are closer to her, within reach.

THumpthumpthumpthump……crunch!  Crunch! Crunch!


The high pitched crunch of the crisp, dry leaves.


The more she hears it, the more the baby wants to hear it.

Mom and Dad join her in the leaves.

“Listen to the leaves!”   All three crunch rhythmically amongst the leaves.

Crunch! Crunch! CRunchCrunchCrunch!

The more she hears the crunches, the more the baby laughs and squeals.

Laughter and voices from a distance.


Crunch-Click Crunch-Click

crunchcrunch.    crunch.  crunch crunch crunchcrunchcrunch

All three follow the voices.

Carnival music…getting louder, louder.

Bing! Thump! Slice! Hit!

Bells and whistles surround the Rides and games.

A tall man with a long straggly beard stands behind a very large pot.

Stirring…stirring. The big metal spoon scrapes the side of the pot.

The baby toddles over to watch.

Crunchcrunch crunchcrunch as she walks.

The scraping gets louder. The liquid crackles inside.

“Hot Apple Cider!” hollers the man with the beard.

The baby looks up at him, fixated.

Dad reaches in his pocket, jingling change.

The man ladles the cider into a cup:

Swish. Swish.

Mom takes the cup and pours the cider into a sippy cup:

Swoosh. Swoosh.

She blows on the liquid in order to cool it, making a soft wind sound and clicks on the top of the cup.

She holds the cup as her daughter drinks.

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

Children are laughing.

Bells are ringing.

Crunch-sweep-crunch-sweep-crunch-sweep….jingle jingle jingle

“Wait, Coco!” A woman calls after her dog, who got away from her to gallop over the the baby.


Coco licks the baby. Everyone laughs.

Love is shown in many ways.

The sounds of happy families enjoying the crisp Fall day.

Can you hear the sounds of Fall? What sounds comprise your Fall day? Don’t miss any of the sounds of this season!

Written by New York Speech and Hearing

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